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PERFECTLY CRAFTED...a poignant and timely short film reminding us of the need for personal touch and to listen and take notice of the warning signs in these social media dependent times."

-Patty Wiseman, Author (An Unlikely Beginning) 


"A VERY MOVING film and certainly a topical subject."

Jeremy Licht, Child TV Star (Valerie/The Hogan Family 1986-1991) 


"A TOUCHING LITTLE FILM about a critically important issue that too often today affects our own families or families near and dear to us."

-Jim Blumetti, Actor, Director, Producer (The Fifth, The Good Guys)


"FILLED WITH REALISM...a wake up call that teens need someone to let them know it's okay to share their feelings and to come forward if they are being bullied."

-Teresa Louise Rybolt, Author (Never a Child)


"A POWERFUL REMINDER of how quietly kids can slip away from us."

Cathryn Hartt, Hartt and Soul Studios


"Good photography and an underplayed performance make for a VERY MOVING STORY."

-Ken Farmer, Author (Black Eagle Force Series), Actor, Producer, Director (Friday Night Lights, Walker Texas Ranger)


"A VERY COMPELLING PIECE...I hope others see the tragic beauty, and sad truth, in this work and that it can become a light in the darkness for the many who deal with these issues."

-Laura McCaskill Alford